my webcomic

I made a webcomic. it doesnt have that many comics yet because I only update once a week. If I can keep it up I will start twice a week. please check out the links. I tested them and they all work but better safe the sorry. Tell me what you think :wink:

The comic lacks any real drive or uniqueness, it’s just a fairly typical gag comic that doesn’t really distinguish it from any other comics. I suggest that you take a look at Toothpaste for Dinner, they’re doing something similar, but it has a distinct flavor all its own that makes it very enjoyable. I think your main problem here is that you have yet to find your distinct “voice” that will distinguish you from the thousands of similar comics which exist.

I’d also suggest that you take some drawing lessons or read a book on the subject. You may also consider changing to a different medium you’re more comfortable with. Quite frankly these murky digital paintings don’t look very good. You should try to get in some practice if you really want to use that medium.

Some of the comics appear to have been resized, and resized badly, and this can make the text in some of them impossible to read (the MMORPG one, for instance). Also, if you click the navigation buttons on the FAQ page, you get an advertisement from your host instead.

Anyway, that’s my advice to you, I hope you don’t take it the wrong way! I’m sure you can make a good comic if you really set your mind to it. :wink:

Keep at it, get better, update consistently. You can’t really lose anything but time by doing a webcomic, but it will take more to reach the top or even the middle of the game.

The digital painting style will work out better in time if you can do it, but, by God, it’s damn hard to do it fast enough for a webcomic.