My webpage

Look at my webpage, the menu was made completely with Blender (internal renderer). Also, I would like to know what you think about the webpage.

Crits welcome!

First things first, it looks awful in Firefox. The header is completely screwed up, and there is a lot of empty space to the right.

Secondly, Why would you take the time to make such a simple shape like the ones you have for the navigation when it could be done much easier in any sort of graphics editing software?

Thirdly, I read the description of what you hope to achieve with this site, and it looks very questionable. You made many grammar mistakes, very little explanation of how the scheme works, and you click the “Login” link, a popup comes up and asks for your email address? Wtf?

If you hope to get anyone’s money, you won’t be able to do it with a site like that. You have a dull header with yellow-glowing buttons, all followed by… well, nothing. After the boring graphics there is just the default page-font and colors. Your site has no aesthetics. It doesn’t make me want to pay $12 USD, give you my email address and possibly “lose some or all of the money I put into it.” And the fact that it’s not cross-browser compatible, and fails both CSS and XHTML validation doesn’t help either.

In other words: I don’t like it.

It’s okay, don’t hold back. Say what you REALLY feel.

I completely agree. If you’re getting into financial services, spend MONEY on a professional site. If you’re getting into web services for a client, you should be worth money being spent upon you. Neither appear to be the case here.

I would have to say that you could expand the use of blender, and really give that page some more pazaz. Everything seems really bland. As for the page itself, I can’t understand why anyone would want to pay twelve dollars (or any amount) for six measly e-mail addresses? I can’t see any point in that, and there isn’t any reason addressed in your FAQ’s section.

That’s also following the old chainletter principle, so I see no point in spending money - even if this was an awesomly splendid site. There’s no such thing as easy money, and trying to convince people otherwise is just plain stupid.

well basically.

What i like:

Its quick to know what your site is about. because that is what everything is about to making a successfull website.

What i dont like:

Messed up page in firefox
Somethign you could have done on photoshop or gimp
pixellated design
you cant use javascript for a successful system with login etc.

please learn:

php, and mysql.

here is an example of a good website:

why? here is why:

  • good graphics
  • already quite popular
  • broad base of content, art, animation, games, resources, etc
  • good error free system
  • stable host
  • works in all browsers
  • not laggy
  • has an active forum

ok then. you might have seen from my shameless advertising :wink: that im the owner of

as you might also have found out, my site is about resources. i can help you make a better website. you can contact me via MSN [email protected] or email [email protected]

I appreciate all the replies, however, I would have like more “how to improve” then just “it plain sucks”. Yes, I know I am bad at graphics, web design, and english. I did my best, but of course, that isn’t good enough, as usual.

noidtluom: How much would it cost… for… design? graphics? creation?
noidtluom, there is absolutly no reason for me to use MySQL for the site, and my cgi scripts work just as well as any php could.

Any suggestions on improvement?

you will not find a “how to do it better” answer here at all.

people study interface design for some years to get to a level in which they create slowly professional websites, and i am not just talking about those template look design.

to be able to do good websites you not only need to understand html and other script languages but you also need a deep knowledge about how to communicate your ideas on a professional level. further more market research and knowing cosumer behaviors (marketing) will be benefitial.

the site you created look pretty much like one of those i did when i started website design on my own with all those great ideas and dreams you have.

reality isnt that nice and not that easy and fast to tell you.
if you are realy serious about this you should either take some webdesign/marketing/interface design classes or just enrole for a BFA for communication design.

everything else will lead to nothing more than what you have right now anyway.

WTF? You buy a ticket for 12 bucks and then get 2 bucks back? Or am I just a retard?

you have contacted me via email and i have given you my reply.

firstly: free


you will have to use MySQL and PHP. you probably dont want to because you are afraid of learning something new and you don’t know how powerfull it is. this elysiun forum is made with mysql and php. my site is made with mysql and php. google is most probably made with mysql and php…lots of php. msn is, hotmail is. face it. mysql and php is what you need.

thos jsscripts are very unstable and easy to crack.

Not only that, but what kind of a login system uses nothing but an email address?

noidtluom really is right, though. If you want to run a website dealing with money, people will want to know that their money and information is secure. You’re going to have to dedicate lots of time to learning PHP and MySQL, but if you want your whatever to succeed, it’s gonna have to be that.

…google is most probably made with mysql and php…

Yea sure and Blender too, right? %|

A pyramid scheme is not an “investment program”.

well for one thing, this forum isn’t the best for discussing website stuff. i can help you there my forum is full of that stuff.

no actually.

blender: the program is made with PROBABLY something like C++ or something. i have no idea really. because i’ve no idea how to create a 3d window and for me c++ is one of the smartest languages i know.
the webstite yes: has php and mysql. definetly this forum.

i would suggest you not build a site about money, because for one thing, your url will have to be like approved by trust e for members to make sure its safe cos lots of sites use that sort of thing to steal money, and you have to have a secure domain: https://.

easy transactiosn can be made by paypal, but i discourage it.

umm as far as i know blender has a lil of c and mostly python wich actualy is an powerful language to, jet by my knowledge does not weight so much as c (weight=Mb, Kb etc.)

That is just very funny! Especially the weight factor, python is for those on a diet! C is good and C++ is like McDonalds for programmers. :smiley:

Seriously, Blender is mostly C, after that comes C++, and last comes python (only a small amount of python is actually part of the program). This is form 2003, but it scales well to the current situation I think (C++ has probably gained much “weight”): “Blender is at this point a quite large program of 300,557 lines: 211,035 lines C, 88,029 C++ and 894 Python.”

ok then whoopsa i thot it was mostly C++ cos i know how powerfull c++ is on game engines and im matchign that with the 3d view… :wink:

I agree about that 100%. If elysiun wants to make a web design and development forum, awesome, do it! Otherwise, I would highly recommend visiting for web design/development stuff.

And just one quick mention: MSN and Hotmail don’t use PHP and MySQL – They use ASP and probably MSSQL. Google uses Python and more than likely a proprietary database server.

You don’t HAVE to know PHP and MySQL to build a business site, even for a pyramid scheme site. CGI will work fine, and flat files can easily be used for the data storage. It’s all about implementation.

Other than that, I agree: Work on getting the layout fixed. I personally don’t recommend using absolute positioning, because it causes a lot of headache across various browsers. Learn about the “box model” and use it. I’m glad to see that you’ve not resorted to tables for the layout, too. Good job.

Something else you might consider is using an unordered list for your navbar. Just set the list-style property to none, set the display property to inline, and play with the padding and margins (on the li element).

If you want more help, I would be glad to offer my $0.02, but I still suggest you go check out devshed.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but you have no idea what MySQL or PHP is do you?

Let me explain:
MySQL is a socket based database server. Meaning you can connect to it via a local socket or internet based socket, and write data to “keys” for later retreival. In short, it is a glorified file system.

PHP is a scripting language that is generally run on the server’s side. The server does a pre-parse of your code, compiles the PHP script, and generates the nessicary output. This is nice and all, but isn’t necisary since for CGI/Dynamic HTML you can also just use C++, C, Perl, Python, Lua, or anything else, which are all way faster.

So, I don’t need MySQL or PHP, since I am fully comfortable with C++, and I’ve already figured out a way to store my data which is a zillion and one times faster than MySQL.

Edit: By the way, while I am still interested in making a website, I’ve decided this whole thing is a bad idea. A) Because it is against the law, and B) Because I’ve redone the calculations, and a good 200+ tickets would have to be purchased from a single person for them to make any considerable money. In short, I’m not willing to deal with large amounts of money in such a business, because I think it is crooked, and the small amount probably wont be worth it. Exspecially after PayPal’s fee’s.

Google uses Python and more than likely a proprietary database server.

It’s good to read so many news about Google! Maybe you know when they started to use Python, before or after PHP as noidtluom pointed out? %|