My website -edit- (update1)

This is my web site it is still in progress but I would appreciate some comments and tips to make it a better site.

Here it is:

I recently just updated the site so check it out and the forum works.

Not bad… but why make the page so long? That’s a lot of unused space on sparsely populated pages. I’d recommend making the non-menu section of the page wider as well… that table on the right side doesn’t seem to ever get used. Your navigation doesn’t seem so bad, but it’s difficult to tell menu items apart. Either put some space between menu items (vertically) or use some images for menu buttons.

I noticed that you apparently build the site with PageBuilder. While it might not be such a bad thing to get you started, you really ought to familiarize yourself with HTML. You’ll have more control of your content and layout if you do. There are numerous tutorials all over the web, you sould take a look at them.

Thanks for the comments. I’ve jsut started a week ago and tring to figure out some of pagebuilders functions but I havn’t thought about changing the size because eventually the space will be used. As for the menu I don’t really like at all and tryiing to figure out a style to put on it. I know how to use html but just need a little more time to make the base of the site before doing changes to it with html. Thanks agian for the comments. :smiley:

I learnt HTML, before i ever touched a program like PageBuilder, FrontPage or Dreamweaver. But now if i want to make a page, i will often duck and dive into Dreamweaver, if my HTML gets so complex i forget what does what. (Complex tables, using style sheets etc.)

Ive found using sCascading Style Sheets (CSS) very very usefull, you should look into them as then can really give your site that edge.

At the moment im working on a website for my Local Golf Club. Its my first real Site, i wanted to use PHP, but i dont think they wanted to shell out for a good Server, so i had to scrap that idea.

Nice, basic design. I like it, but I think the page is far too long; it should resize itself depending on how much space the text takes up.

Ok I made a prototype of the style I want for my site and the forum is working I would hope some people would start talking in it to get to community going. The forum style will change over time and tell what you believe needs to change with it and I would appreciate it if I get some recommendations on different forum topics. Thanks :smiley:

The forum style has been put in so this is the style for a while, I am suprised that very few people have signed in the forum and that knowone has given any suggestions to make the site better. Please tell what needs to be changed about the site, but keep in mind that the site template is still in progress.