My website is up

I finally built a webpage. It only took 14 hours of stupidly pushing
buttons that did all kinds of things I don’t understand. Come take a look.

hehe its looking real nice… did u write the html yerself? or did u use a program? if so, which? :wink:

nice site just 1 critasysum (i cant spell) ur thumnail images take to long to load probably because there the same as ur real images.

love the teddy bear things.

I’m going to fix the thumbnails tonight after work. I used Adobe Golive. I didn’t write anything the program took care of all the code for me.

Say : ruined the code for you.

It loaded really sloooowww an hour ago but it’s worth the while.
Maybe get rid of the big background image on the home page till the things go faster. Anyway I liked the color scheme quite a bit before started to creep down the page.

Thanks a lot for the resources.

Sorry, the pages took so long to load. I made the file sizes smaller. It loads faster. Let me know if it still isn’t fast enough.

Boy it is hard to make really small files. I’m a graphic designer and when I create files, I’m doing good to keep them around 10-20MB. bytes and kb’s aren’t something I’m used to seeing.

Nice site, very good looking.

For the size, a good rule of thumb is to try and keep them around 50k if possible (whole page), for graphics use smaller compressed thumbnails then allow the user to choose a larger format (longer download) if they like.

Nice!! i like the scheme of the page! keep up the good work!!

The resources section is very handy :slight_smile: Didn’t know some of that info was floating around. I printed out the keyboard reference :stuck_out_tongue: