My website needs C&C please

Here is my site.

I would appreciate any help or comments.

I would like to ask first how to get frames to work. I’ve tried to get it to work before but to no avail.

I think what I tried was just <FRAME> with the parameters and what side it was supposed to be on. The HTML books my dad has don’t have very much on the frames topic, nither does the angelfire monkey help thing.
I’ve also asked my dad, he does not know.

Thank you for anything you contribute.

oh, holy crap.

you really need to learn some web standards and practices.

  1. never use frames. that is just a starting point.

  2. learn what the following things are, and use them:
    CSS ( )

  3. use easily readible things. that is, no white on black with white stars. how about black on white, with a nice border?

  4. buy yourself some webhosting. if you are 18, use your credit card or debit card, and at $3 a month you can get hosting from

sorry if it is harsh, but you wanted it.

I agree, stars MUST GO!!!

I would look into a new host also…pay up for a year you can save alot of money and its cheaper than you think.

Thank you very much.

Should I use just a black background with white letters? I like it better because it’s easier on the eyes (got the idea from maddox mission) and easier to read for me.

Could you give some more detail as to what you are saying, like any examples of good pages for just a showcase of pictures for my models?
Should my page just have a header stating that this page is just a bunch of my models and have the links to a page of th pictures? I’m not trying to be fancy with it, just a page to keep track of my work and my progress for Blender. Oh, and to put other stuff, because I need to reinstall Windows alot, and sometimes I want to show my friends some of my work.

  1. learn what the following things are, and use them:
    CSS ( )
  2. buy yourself some webhosting. if you are 18, use your credit card or debit card, and at $3 a month you can get hosting from

Why do I need to learn Javascirpt?
Same for the web hosting.

Thanks for the C&C.

Not white text, the contrast is too high. Something more in the lines of #EEEEEE or #DEDEDE.

Some examples of good-looking portfolio sites: <= this one does use frames, but very subtly

Yes, header is mandatory. It can be subtle, but it has to be there. You can have a header on the side if you want an original look.

Don’t learn javascript unless you need it. Learning HTML & CSS is a good start. Once you get a good grip of both, check out the HTML Source for reference.



Not html, XHTML.
Much cleaner, and better looking.

Personal preference. Starting with XHTML is better in the long run if you’re aiming at accessibility, but HTML is just fine most of the time. Furthermore, saying that XHTML is “better looking” is BS. I’m sorry, but what flavor of SGML markup-languages you use does not determine if your website will look better or not. At all. That’s like saying “if you use Maya your renders will automatically look better than done in Blender”. Remember, it’s the artist, not the tool.

Forget the school room books and download Nvu.

This is a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) web development tool that runs on windows/linux/mac. It’s basically the poor mans version of dreamweaver.

I’ve been using this to do deveopment internally to a linux server at work and it works fairly well. It

  1. Get a site that has ftp access
  2. Install Nvu
  3. Create a ‘site’ based on your ftp/http location for your website
  4. Start making pages and publishing them

Find a site without annoying popups and flashing advertisements if possible - you’ll drive vistors away like a plaque victim.

If you want to get fancy get a hosted site that allows you to run php cgi. Then you can use Nvu to embeed php scripts inside you html pages. Php is very powerful and will do everything you can think of including dealing with databases, dynamic webpages, etc.

If you want fancy it’s my opinion you should learn some php and stay away from javascrip imho. There s a reason why. You can do simiply things in javascript fine - however if you get too fancy different browsers (firefox, mozilla, opera, explorer, netscape) may not all execute the javascript the same way. This is a pain in the arse. Also many people disable javascript because it’s what peeps commonly use to make popup windows when you enter a webpage.

The reason for all this crap is that javascript is executed by the brower. Php and other cgi stuff is executed by the server and is the way to go.

PS - the reason you get webhosting is for a few reasons:

  1. The server you site is on may allow you to have a database you can store information in
  2. The server that is hosting your site may run software like php, python,coldfusion, jboss (whatever) which allows you to make dynamic web pages.
  3. You get free email acounts woot
  4. You get a decent amount of space for putting up images.

If you just want to put up pictures of your visit the the biggest hole in texas then a free site will a million popups is fine. However if you expect anyone to stay for longer than 2 seconds you’ll need a decent place to put your webpages.

Whatever you do, don’t go WYSIWYG. You won’t learn a thing from WYSIWYG editors. I used to use NetObjects Fusion (back in the v2.0 days) and I never knew what shitty code it was generating until I put it aside and learned HTML the Notepad-way :slight_smile: .

Okay, there are two ways to do it.

looking at your site, it looks like you might want to go with a wysiwyg editor for the time being, and study html on the side.

coding html is boring. Yes, i personally can do it, but there are little things like lists and absolutely positioned divs and closing tags that are just so much easier with a good editor. I own dreamweaver, and I use it to code and occasionally for the design view. It is very good software, and I reccommend it. I haven’t used nvu much, but I hear it is good. So give those a try, and in the meanwhile start learning xhtml and php.

For you who say that xhtml is worthless, it is the same thing, only with closing tags required (at this level). I say it is better to learn that way then have to transition.

That, and CSS is a gift from God himself. use it and be happy.

I said javascript, because he would need it if he wanted effects and didn’t want to pay for a php host.

Hand code your site in notepad and read the W3C standard if you want but easy is the way to go.

Handcoding is indeed the best way to go. But don’t use Notepad. Use an HTML/CSS/PHP/ASP/JSP/Perl/SQL/etc. IDE for syntax highlighting and auto-complete/suggestion.

As for hosting, if you can’t afford (or just by principle don’t pay for things, who knows eh?) to pay for anything I’d advice on finding ad-free hosts.

Back in the days when I didn’t pay for my webhosting services I came across something called dhost, while they don’t seem to accept registration right now a sub-service they provide, called Xthost should still be accepting registrations and they’re ad free too :P. So as long as you don’t need too much space it should be quite a good host. I haven’t tried it out myself though so I can’t promise anything.

Good luck with the website man ! As for tutorials I found Pixel2life worth a look when I made my first website, I was more out for the PHP part though, but it should be useful anyways.

My dad has HotDog, I’ll just use that so I can preview what my page looks like before I save it.

As for hosting, if you can’t afford (or just by principle don’t pay for things, who knows eh?) to pay for anything I’d advice on finding ad-free hosts.

I don’t think I can, as I am paying for homeschool, and barely. What free hosting doesn’t have ads?