My website needs YOU, the creative people!

My website at:
copy and paste if you must

is all about the creative people out their who keep the world turning and stay away from the repetitive and dull lifestyle by expressing themselves. If you have any images you would like posted for others to see then contact me with them and I will post them. If you send an image try and tell a little about yourself or the creative thing/things. Sending something is a great help to me and an inspiration to all as long as its had some thought put into it. It can be graphics or literature or anything else creative. I welcome you all to send things but it might take a while to put the images up, if ANY of you choose to send :o.

Contact me:
MSN:[email protected] or TheHobbit
E-mail: [email protected]

My creativity goes into the site itself as one day I would like to be a web designer on the side of programming. I update the site frequently and will add my own “Creator section” and the rest of the content soon. But the Creations section is all about other people like the ones who are reading this now.

That’s just beautiful quiet sobbing

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds cool, if I can get organized I’ll send you something.

I have had one person send in an image, if anyone else wants too please feel free. If you wanna send more than one image in thats good too. I really would like to have some more images on my site from people though…if people can get around to it.

LOL. I got around to it, I sent an email with the images attached. Let me know if you didn’t get it or if you have any questions. I’ll have another one of an very lame panther here shortly.

are you asking us to write your site FOR you? :-?

Do we have to send you a small and a big image or only a big is ok?

Valarking, the site is my contribution, the rest is everyone elses. It’ll be my own page too but I’m trying to get a whole bunch of people to send in their work so people can see it and maybe just have a laugh or be inspired by something. Its all about showing off things people have done that go above and beyond just by trying to be different…but the answer Valarking is no I just want to help others share their ideas along with my own.

Send big images or small, just make sure its clear and crisp. I can resize, crop and minimize file sizes in PSP7 if its too big for modem users.

Good ideal, I’ll look through my stuff and see what I have. I lost alot when my drive failed but I have a few pictures left of stuff I did and am in the process of creating new stuff.