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I haven’t been Blending for a looong time. I was getting frustrated at not being able to animate very well and get my ‘stuff’ out there. So I decided to storyboard some of my short sketches into a very!!! crudely drawn web comic.

It would be great to hear some feedback and see if anyone likes it.


just some suggestions from someone who studied comic creation for awhile. First I would use a traditional comic book panel format as it will allow things to flow a lot more easily. Also I would download a image editor called gimp. It is similar to photoshop but free. With it you can touch up your drawings and color them quit nicely. Try to make all of your edges as clean as you can also and remember to get character proportions the same for each drawing. Pm me if you have any more questions.

Hi MPC, Thanks for your reply. The part I enjoy and put most effort into is the writing so I usually try and bash the images out as fast as I can.

I’ve got Photoshop and I’m learning a few cool tricks with the images along the way though (moving eyeballs is cool!). Layout-wise I just went for what felt natural but I’ll have to research a bit into traditional comic book panel formats and see if that makes more sense. Thanks.

Great comics :]
I agree they look sketchy but they’re not too bad.
If you do choose to change them there’s a golden rule in the comic world where use a thicker pen for the edges of the figure and a smaller pen for the inner lines.

Hi guys. Thanks for your comments.

And thanks to this really cool tip posted by Sago I was able to clean up the lines of my hand drawn stuff as suggested. So my newest comic strip is cleaner and also in colour. Now I just need to try this edge thickness suggestion and work out how to shade them.

Newest comic:

Photoshop Tip:[INDENT]Ooooohh yeeeahhh!!!

hahah very funny :smiley: i really enjoyed reading them :smiley: heh but Sago’s tip, about selecting all the black parts… how to select them???

Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:

You have to use ‘Color Range’ It’s in the Select menu at the top. I found it easiest to use the dropper to pick out the white background color. Then inverse the selection.

ahh thansk dude :smiley: