My website

Yo guys this is pretty off topic and more like advertising but it’ not blender sooo ha I can put it up anyway. Whatever so yeah check out the website sign up and help me make it better by becoming a moderator. Send an application to [email protected]. CYA!

And… What’s the site?

Sorry I typed the link but it didn’t appear plus lately I have been having computer problems considering my area was hit with a tornado last night. Sorry it’s
Heh heh ah man this really makes my rep look pitiful a post about my site and I forgot the link how stupid!

Well, the website IS in your signature.

I guess…

Hey your avatar are they still allowing animated ones?

I got a question do you know how to make some glow buttons kind of like the psp’s background that are flowing even if you dont hover over them? Like um like wavy and it just slightly waves? Or even how to get buttons that glow like xp.

I’m using 1024 x 768, and I have to scroll quite a bit. I recomend fixing that.

I’m not very impressed, to tell the truth. You could do much more with that layout.

It could be because I have a 1680 by 1050 Resolution. Huh um how would i go about fixing that?

Try going to HTML Dog and A List Apart for ways to get around that. Also, so that you can make a similar but dynamic layout to what you have, try using this tutorial for floated layouts.

Edit: You have WAY too much javascript for what you want to do with the hovered images. Try looking at the articles on HTML Dog, the Suckerfish one. That allows you to use CSS Hovering, so you have less code that is easier to handle.

Also, Frontpage (Yes, I know what you’re using by just looking at it) writes some of the WORST code known to man. Learn how to code completely by hand, and use Notepad++ for editing, which will make it much easier.