My website

please explore my website at: . It requires user authentication, but once you create an account , you’ll see a collection of my Blender renderings.

I don’t mean to be mean but very few people will go through the trouble to register and give you their email address just to gain access to a mystery website. If you have something to show make sure people can easily access it :slight_smile:

Do you honestly think I hadn’t thought about the same that you said when I implemented my website? It was a well-thought-out decision to do so.

Not even a teaser… :no:

i and about 99% of others will tell you to “go and ’ --bleeped out–’ off”
we DO NOT just register on sites for NO REASON
actually reporting this thread as SPAM

Gotta admit it was a poorly thought out decision. Why should I give you MY email to look at YOUR work? All of my work is on my Artstation free for anybody to see. If you want people to take the THEIR time to look at your work, I would suggest removing the forced sign up.

And if you are still gonna make people sign up at least provide them with some content to look at and decide whether or not they want to.

This looks more like an attempt to phish for peoples often recycled passwords. I might be a salty old [email protected]#$, but I’ve also had to take internet safety trainings every month since the internet became a thing and this is a textbook case of what to avoid.

If the site can email you your password it can record your password and send it to the sites owner along with your email, address phone numbers and work numbers, this is why you don’t use important passwords on suspect sites boys and girls.

Clearly you put some thought in to it… your goal appears to be phishing, so what’s an easy way to get peoples details? Ask them to hand them over in the form of forced registration!

But, if you actually wanted people to look at your artwork, rather than phish for emails/passwords, you would have come to the conclusion that putting a forced registration on your website, just so that people can view your work (which no one will want to steal, if that’s what you are thinking), is the dumbest idea you could come up with.

I could understand putting a password on there if you were selling the artwork, and needed a members section, but even then, you would let people have a preview of what is going to be on the website.

So congratulations, all you have managed to achieve is to make anyone that views this thread 1. Not like you very much, and 2. Not want to visit any links that you post in the future.

If by some chance, your site is genuine (you actually want people to see your work), and you somehow came to the conclusion that forcing registration was a good idea… then I do apologise, but highly recommend that you remove the forced registration for your website.

All this site has is about 8 images and a slot machine.

The finished work sub-forum is to immediately present something to see and comment.

This thread is advertising a website, rather than a render. Moved to off-topic sub-form.

While I do think the people here are seriously going overboard with the criticism, I do agree that the registration requirement is a very unusual move and is generally frowned upon unless it’s for a tangible service like an online forum (in fact, it’s the best way to ensure your content will not be seen by people). Now if you did it out of concern someone might steal the work, then I would advise you place watermarks on all of them before they are uploaded.

The only reason one would lock artwork behind a wall like that (especially if you want phone numbers) is if it was confidential or commercial work for one or more clients (ie. someone paid you to make them and they requested an NDA), but then you would usually not just let any registered user view it.