My Wedding Compare Animation Ad

(Astronet) #1

This is the first serious animation I ever made. started late last year and finished it during the new year. I initially told the client it would be finished in 2 weeks. Bad noob mistake! this took up to four months to finish! but I learnt Immensely from this. my entire animation pipeline was generated from this project alone and has been improving ever since. (btw the blockout motion was intentional )
This was made entirely in blender, as usual. a little of Marvelous Designer, a little of krita and gimp. rendered in cycles on render street. almost everything created by me from scratch ( Although the character base was generated from Manuel Bastioni lab addon in blender. Awesome stuff seriously!)

(BigBlend) #2

Great stuff. Like the stop motion style. There where two things that I have an opinion on. The “Competitions” text that falls behind her looks really bad. The second is at the end. Some clouds in the background would be nice when the newly weds drive away.

(Astronet) #3

ah thanks. didn’t even think about clouds

(sharlybg) #4

Great work very professional !
how did you learn animation with blender ?

(Astronet) #5

thanks. I’m self thought. I watch a lot of tutorials and practice as well

(RoxanneJo) #6

Hi Astronet,

it is an interesting animation, however, I personally think, that robotic figures do not influence animation from the positive side. From my point of view it is better to include cartoon figures - it will be more captivating and affectionate. Just like a thought…

(Astronet) #7

Thanks. I think everything has its appeal and it all depends. personally I find this “robotic” movement very satisfying and thats positive enough for me