My weight-painting isn't painting...

So, I’m trying to follow the BSoD’s Introduction to Character Animation and I’ve gotten on to weight-painting, and I can paint the first bone’s area just fine, but then when I select the next bone and try to paint for that one, it won’t paint. The weight-painting for the first bone also disappears the first time I click, attempting to paint the second bone, and when I go back and select the first one again, the paint that I got on that one doesn’t come back.

Familiar problem… It sounds like you have not parented the mesh to the armature (or used the armature modifier, whichever the tut suggests). Try selecting the mesh, and then the armature, pressing ctrl-p, and selecting Armature (then whichever of the next options you think would be best for you). That should fix it.
By the way, I really liked that tutorial, have fun with it!

What do I do when I get this question:
Create vertex groups?
-Don’t create groups
-Name groups
-Create from envelopes
-Create from bone heat

help on that drop-menu?

help please? the drop-menu? i’m not sure what it’s asking me and that step wasn’t in the tutorial.

Sorry for the wait I haven’t read the forums for a long a long time but to answer your question: it basically doesn’t matter. The first two will do a similar thing (nothing), while the last 2 options will give you suggestions that you can modify.

I use create from bone heat. What this does is create an vertex group in your mesh for every bone in your armature. It also tries to select faces near the bone in the mesh. Then you put the mesh in weight painting mode and methodically go through every vertex group and do a deselect all then select for that group. That way you can truly see what faces are in what group. This is the slowest part of setting up a character for me and my skill set. There is also the problem with the selection tools themselves. While they do work, they are not intuitive and it is easy to forget what you have assigned. Also when you deselect something in a vertex group, then assign what is left, it does not remove the faces you have deselected. You have to select them and then do a remove. Very annoyingly meticulous process.