My Wife's Book -- Shameless Plug II

Well, since all the responses were positive on the first post:

Here is a follow-up.

My wife’s book is being published. They have moved the release date up to March 2005.

Anyway, the publisher is hosting an online chat on October 31 to for a short story that will be released after the chat and for general writing questions and curiosity. It will go through a yahoo group, so feel free to join in. The information and links are on my wife’s site along with an excerpt at:
[any comments on the website are also welcome]

She received her first cover quote today from Debra Webb (she really liked it).

From the cover art (and others by the publisher), it looks like small publishers could be a good potential market for 3D artists.

Here is the cover art:

same as before, i’m don’t want to spam or grossly promote a business. the cover art is pretty sweet (opinions welcome) and there could be some potential markets for 3D work.

That’s great. Is it being published first in hardcover or paperback?

Congrats to her :slight_smile: Any chance of getting a quick history on how she got from idea to getting the book published? I’m sure some of us here would be interested and may urge a few of us to try and do the same.

It will be published as a ‘trade paperback’. The way it was explained to me is that means an oversized paperback. The list price is $13.99. The publsiher discounts it 20% on their online store. Most other sellers have some sort of membership club that does a 10-20% discount also.

That sounds like a great question to ask her in the online chat. …but, if you aren’t there, here is my version…
She has always enjoyed reading. A couple years ago, she decided to try writing. She tried romance novels and actually had her first completed one get requested as a full manuscript, but wasn’t bought. It seems like the first book is the hardest one to sell. She participated in some local writers groups and clubs. This book started from a dare when someone said you couldn’t write a complete short story that was interesting. The original scene went over so well that it turned into a full book. She met with an editor at a writer’s conference and pitched the full book. The editor read the manuscript and bought it. Following our daughter’s advice for writing success (“it’s easy, just write a series of books like J.K. Rowling”), she has worked up the plots for a series with the second book nearing completion.
The publisher really likes the idea of a strong female character and sees a market for that.

My view from outside is to write books (not just one), get some good partners to share critiques, learn how to write a kick-butt query letter, and be able to sell your work in a professional manner. The hardest part is don’t quit, don’t get discouraged.
[hmmm, that sounds like how to make a living as a 3D artist]

Cheers :slight_smile: I’ve actually got a book (well, a few hehe series) I’ve been developing in my head for the past few years that I’d actually like to write and hopefully get published in the future. Good to now have an idea how to go about doing that. Of course, actually writing it out on paper would probably be a good place to start hehe.

That’s great to hear. I’ll watch the local book stores for a copy :smiley:

Know what you mean, lol. I have enough stories worked out in my head that I could write hundreds of books (I’m not exagerating), all set in the same fantasy world. Of course, I’ve only developed two of those hundreds of stories to the detail required for writing a book.