My wine glass, having trouble...

I am making a wine glass in blender and you can definately tell it’s not looking like a glass. Can someone please provide information to me on a better transparency for glass and…information on how to correct this wine glass?

My Wine Glass .blend file

My Wine Glass rendered image

I would appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this
Thank you

Have you tried these textures yet? If not, they may get you closer.

First of all, use Yafray for that kind of stuff. Second of all, it seems that you’ve created your glass out of primitives, try the following technique:
Add a plane.
Now delete all vertices but one. Line it up the grid (shift + s -> selection to grid) and extrude one by one as I did in the screenshot.
Now select all vertices. In the MeshTools tab, change “Deg” to 360 and press the spin button. Spin the mesh from a top view and be careful to place the red-white cursor-thingy as I did in the screenshot.
Smooth the mesh and add a subsurf modifier.
Now box-select the vertices which were doubled through the spinning of the mesh and remove doubles (also MeshTools tab).
Now let’s get to the material. Make sure you choose Yafray as renderer in the render scene tab.
You may now choose “Clear glass” as material for you glass. For the extended render settings google for Yafray tutorials and have a look at my .blend.

There are probably better glass tutorials out there, hope that helped anyway. :slight_smile:

I remember reading somewhere that the fresnel blending factor doesn’t work right and has to be set to max (5) to mimic glass. also, the Index Of Refraction for glass is 1.33. So, change your IOR to 1.33, fresnel to 1.25 and fresnel factor to 5. also, the color of the background (didnt have the wood texture) and dim light doesnt show the transparency well… i turned the light up. i might’ve turned the transparency down as well. after all that it looked like glass (did i recalc the normals outside too? who knows)

Thank you to all of you, because everything that was said helped me out…