My WIP Animations Folder: 18-12-2015

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My Last update: 18-12-2015

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Character Animation: Dinner - Don’t Make Me Angry!

Spiderman Run Cycle:

Hulk Wip 1:

Soldier: M16 animation shots:
Wip 3:


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Not opening

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Spiderman Run Cycle

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very cool wip and exercise!!! I especially like Hulk`s walk. The run of Spiderman feels a bit weight less… but at the same time it’s the feeling he should give too.

Cool tread, I wish there was more post like that!!!



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@mathiasA Thank you for comment. Now I’m back to animation after long break time. On my normal day I clean mocap data and the work is diffrent. I want to push my skill’s to be better and better in animation. Please enjoy and subscribe my yt channel. New animations is comming.

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My last animation. Please enjoy.

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cookieFlexRig-1.2.2 mod for my new project.

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Update my Demo Reel:

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Agent 27. First step and need to polish.

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Next animation. First person.

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I tested new addon “Pose Lib Preview” and I think helps me very well special in facial expressions.

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Final Knife Wip:

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Face Expression with Pose Lib Preview. What you think?

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AK-47 Reload

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Another walk cycle, two version: normal & weapon

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Walk Cycle need practice:

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Sintel Kick:

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go home hulk you are drunk! :smiley: excellent work on the motion animations