My WIP F1 - Fast thing :D

Taking a break from my train at the mo, heres my start on my F1 project, just started it a couple of hours ago, so go easy ;), plus i had dinner in that time :smiley:
Practising adding detail, so i can put it on my train.

just wondering how people think i could improve, what enviroment i should put it in, and of course there is always room for more detail :smiley:

less reflective… and maybe a little more high poly, so you can bevel stuff. you need lots more detail.

and those red lasers/trail/whatever they are need some work

good job otherwise

How do you think i can improve the laser trail?

Turn down reflection.

Sweet colours, low poly is great.

Nice job.


Concentrate less on the laser trail (a minor detail) and more on the mesh itself…it really needs to be less angular. Right now the eye has a hard time focusing on exactly what this thing is shaped like because there are so many accute angles and sharp edges. The general design is good but it needs to be smoothed out. Laser trails and materials are for later.