My WIP model(contest)

So I saw today that Blendswap has a contest in a thread posted by another blender head, so to break from my daily blending routine I decided to take part. Now this is just for fun and the good thing is I will use the model in my project later on. Now Im not pro like a lot of the guys here but I will have a go just to see where this will get me.

I started today and this is the progress I have so far. I would love any feedback and suggestions how I can improve the model.

I dont have a concept since I can hardly draw a house on a paper but I can see it in my head that the character will be a friggin evil demon of some sort. Thats why the head is still untouched for the moment.

Since my system is from the last century I cant afford to use that many LOD. Currently the model has 95k faces and there is no change I will use another level since my PC will burn. Will deffinitely retopo and bake normals/AO later on.

Looks fantastic so far, I’m thinking this is a sculpt, I’d give you some input but your way beyond my skill level.

It is a sculpt, yes. All done in Blender. Im glad Im almost done with the body, when I come back from work I will have time to relax and take it slow working on the head.

I would say look at the topology near the crotch region, looks like you have some stretching…

If you’re going to be re-topo-ing anyway, I would suggest looking at the re-mesh modifier; it’s meant to be good for this kind of thing.
Other than that, looks good…

head may be too small, but you haven’t modelled that yet…

It is very cool – do you have any concept on what the final character is supposed to look like?

Like I mentioned Im terrible at drawing so I have a tendency to do a lot of my models on the fly but I might give it a go when I start to model different clothes and items on the character. I will deffinitely try to make it evil and a bit grotesque looking.

So Im almost finished with sculpting. I added some features on the head and parts of the back and just left to add some diversity on one side of the mesh.

Next Im going to re-topologize, then start working on some items.

Those renders help me a lot to see things that I personaly dont like. I might do some minor changes to the abs and chest area.

Soooo I finished re-topologizing. The low-poly model has 2600 faces so far but I intend to add some more features so Im hoping to round it up to about 3k.

Started working on some clothing and armour. I will try to use as much as possible from the high-poly model in terms of LOD.

I had some time to do some dental work on the model. I would like to know if anything looks out of place. Im aiming to make them as much scary and menacing as possible. Tips how to achieve that would be apresiated. :slight_smile:

Could you post a viewport render with wire enabled (under the object options enable wire) and post that. I can’t really see what the current topo is doing and you might be able to express the form you want somewhat better by changing the topology a bit.

Well my request was regarding the teeth. I intend to fully rig the model including facial bones and so forth, so the expression wont be an issue soon I hope.

It may look weird from the last image because the interior of the mouth was modeled separately from the main mesh. Will add it as soon as Im done with a few other things.

Also…Im done doing normal and AO maps for all the objects that are part of the main model. Tomorrow I will start to rig and simultaniously I will do some slight tweaks and final touches to some features of the body(mostly cosmetic changes).

Its been so fun to work on the model so far. Knowing that is intended for a competition drives me to knit-pick so tiny details its anoying when I think about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is that my favorite part is aproaching-rigging, witch pumps me even more to push forward.

About the wire I will post it as soon as I get back from work.

His body anatomy is very off and you should probably check proportions by 8 heads rule, just in case.

7 3/4 from head to toes and 4 2/3 from head to crotch. The re-topologized model looks a bit weird to me in the neck area aswell if your comment was about that. As soon as I see the normal and AO on the model I will adjust things accordingly.

Oooook. Here is the wireframe:

So right now the only thing left is to add color maps, all other maps are ready. Regarding the model here are normal, AO and specular maps. The model rounded up at 3100 faces. Although there are some minor distortions on the back Im now starting to rig. I lose focus when I stay grounded by such minor setbacks. I will come back to them later on.




Hey guys. So today Im very exited. I just finished aplying color to the model and in certain aspects it turned out a gazillion times better than I expected as far as my drawing and painting abilities go.

Also, all the clothing is fully done but I will post them at the last minute when the whole model is ready for posing. In terms of texturing only things left are the weapons and the eyes.
The rig is done, now Im starting to aply constraints but 1st Im gonna merge the different segments so its clean and tidy.

Looking good.

Sooo. The rig is fully done. The model is completed, there are 3 items left to do to complement the character apearance. The character is at 5100 faces.

The rig is working quite well, I have small problems around the frontal part of the belt. Apart from that Im almost done with weight painting.

I did 2 test renders to play with the light a bit. I will upload some different ones later on. Im thinking to do a well lit scene although the character is predisposed to dark and moody environments.

The facial rig in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAction.

wow – texture and wings make for freaky cool!