my words are weird.....

right, im messin around with a track and a car, i have the car perfected, and i decided to add a speedometer, so following from the speedometer blend found here: i have come across a problem, it appears that the numbers are sort of spread too far apart, and its only something that happens in my blend, as ive looked in the blend provided and other blends with speedometers.

look at the pic and you’ll see what im sayin, left is the problem ingame, right is in textured view


Try scaling the text plane down in Edit Mode, then back up in Object Mode.

no, that doesnt help, its worse if any different at all.
its only the extra character thats added after the speed goes past 9 thats the problem, and i cant set that…

mess with the scaling in edit mode, thats all I can say.

I had this exact same problem. The problem is that the plane’s edges must be near 2 units long in edit mode. I suggest setting the object’s scaling to 1 before trying to fix the edge lengths. You can then scale it in object mode to get the right size. Hope this helps.

do the opposite of what magnum opus said. Scale UP in edit, DOWN in object. Edit mode size is how large the letters are, object mode size is how far apart they are

i did that and it worked, but for some reason now, after giving up on making some sort of gear thing, the “@” symbol doesnt change, but the amount of them goes up and down (ie when the speed goes over 9 or into negatives…

any ideas?