My work in progress, but im improving!

Hi all, still sticking into the original game engine, and the more I find the more I’m amazed!

These are some of my recent game engine videos, more on the way!

I must stress everything here was made & recorded on a notebook. 2 cores 4 threads i7 4gbr & blender’s game engine.

Now I’ll working on my character with all the bells and whistles! And laser guns!

Happy making!

PS this was all made and recorded on an old notebook. And if anybody has any question or needs help with anything just ask as I know from first hand how big the learning curve is for this version of blender. This is the original game engine (2.79b).


id recommend continuing to post on the same thread of your showcases instead of continuing to scatter new threads across history. that way all your stuff is in one place.


Ok champ cheers.

Get yourself a tank!

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This is a car I designed myself the SuperMortoGT and I’m driving through my home town.

It crazy how many times you have to restart making your game, just incase people thought it always looks half complete, this is because you don’t want to spend to much time making your content, just to learn something new that could save you a tone of processing. Like the occlude, something I only noticed few months ago and learnt how to use.

Also there is a lot of weather effects in this video. It takes some time to work out how to do this and in the smallest process by my machine.

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I love this game engines slipperiness.

I’m sorry but it looks laggy, the lag comes from the game engine or from the recording software?
if you plan on turning it into a game with such low frames per second then this will be an unplayable game.

give me 2 mins

Check out the FPS on that, same PC, made and recorded. And uploaded.

Just for you tonight.

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And detail.

so if you use assets with low resolution the game engine can make a high fps but when you use assets that are high enough the fps becomes unplayable,so you think the problem is the pc specs are not high enough or the game engine not getting optimization?

The game engine has been made very well on (windows dare I say it?). Its a place like the Meta verse I mean BETA verse to create what you want at high quality. this game engine help me make my first 4k video.

just trying to ask your opinion, try to imagine how high the PC specs are so that you can play the blender game smoothly.
so you record this video at 4k so it lags, can you record it at 720p or 1080p so I can see the real fps

The game engine is 6 years old now, so its going to be both, but the game engine 6 years ago was a viable piece of kit and still is now. But the best thing to do is learn how to increase what you have and its overall efficiency. Like your PC (what you have open and running), your ram (keep empty and efficient), your game engine (ask it to do as little as possible, you can also improve your file systems, improve your sound files, everything including just 1 mouse press is an extra job for the engine and whatever hardware is powering it. Make it easy for the engine and you will be rewarded.

And don’t even get me started on textures and verts, and other 3D,because its as vast as your imagination.

Be creative and don’t worry about file sizes at first, then when you have something to work on then efficiency becomes a priority. But learning this will open any door you want on any machine you want.


When you get your steering wheel right, you know its a good day.

Still get some detail in your creations. If you put some effort in you can create anything with this engine.

This video is when you spend some time creating a small environment.


This is awesome!!