!!!My work in progress, the DEVIL himself

(hamy25) #1

is my picture check it out and tell me what you think guys, i’ve been using blender for about 1 month now, but very little i have actully used it… maybe 2 hours a week or so…

(sten) #2

well, great start…the main thing is to have inspiration to do things…all other cames afterwards

welcome to blenderworld !

(valarking) #3

it looks pretty good for a beginner.

  1. enable the button in the renderbuttons (f10 i think) called OSA. it will improve the quality of the rendered image itself alot.
  2. make it bigger. i suggest pressing the button labeled “PC” in the renderbuttons to make it a good size.
  3. start modeling more on the main character (devil). make him one object and use mainly E (extrude) right now since you’re just starting out.
  4. dont give up or get discouraged. blender will become like a fluent language to you soon. :smiley: :wink:

hope this helps,

(S68) #4

Yup, and render it bigger :slight_smile:


(hamy25) #5

Thanks you all, i will try and do that.
But i need a version of Blender that doesn’t use WinSocks, if any of you know where i could get this, it would be helpful.
Any version would be nice.

(S68) #6

Winsocks :o ?

Well, the LINUX version doesn’t use them…

Ok, just kidding… try asking this on the Q&A forum, with a more detailed description on what bothers you, maybe someone knows the answer.


(Bapsis) #7

Not bad at all for some of your first works, i really liked the background. But i have to ask, about this .blend…did the devil make you do it??? :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(hamy25) #8

You never know with me, Let the BlenderError live on …
The Devil is making me !