My work station(death the kid)

Well this was just something i did out of the blue no reason or what so ever, anyway i’m kinder lost at the moment. See i wan’t to model some cables but i dnt know where to start.


Some curve objects can easily serve as cables; turn off back/front, set them to 3d (so they can be posed in all directions), then increase the bevel options to gave them thickness. I’d recommend turning on Auto-Smooth for the monitor. You may need to play around with the angle setting in order to eliminate some of the weirdness near creases.

I’d also advise beveling the keys just a little bit; just select the top face of all the keys and press W, then select Bevel. The amount needed would be extremely small (you’d have to zoom in quite close to get it right) but I think it would improve the look overall.

well to tell the truth i’m new in blender so i dnt nkw much on manupilating curves so if you dn’t mind could give some turtorials or a link where i can get them

Curves are a fairly simple concept; you could feasibly figure them out just by making one and playing around with it like I did. But otherwise, the online Blender manual offered at explains pretty much everything you’ll need to know.

This should help:

thnks yo’ll i’l check them out.