My work

(deks) #1

What do you think?

And if you want to se my gallery this is the URL:

PS. I’m from sweden so the hole site is in swedish!

(Jolly Gnome) #2

looks othervise good, but it’s too dark

(deks) #3

to dark? Hmmm I’will fix it.

(rixtr66) #4

the metal looks good and the concept is cool,it is a little too dark,and the background too blurry,nice scene though.


(shibbydude) #5

You need some diffuse light from that laser! Set up a lamp right above the laser and set the distance to a low value with the same color and a low intensity. This will make it look much better.

(deks) #6

Do you now how many polygons that robot where made of? My computer nearly explode when i was finnished and started to render it! but i’will re-render it with more light and some more effects.

(Da Bourz) #7

I love the last, the toon face, nice ! Some others available ???

(deks) #8

I love the last, the toon face, nice ! Some others available ???[/quote]

Hmmm… Do you mean if i have any planes to make new ones? That’s the only toon face i ever made. Do you think it would look better if i use toon shading? Any sugestions is wellcome!

(blengine) #9

wow i love it! very nicely hig htech…great design…its a bit dark but not bothering me much =D

(kaktuswasse) #10

cool picture, but try to make the contrast between the sky and the
robot a bit stronger,and of course try to let the laser shine on the

blend on guy!

cya henrik

(stephen2002) #11

interesting. The robot is floating above the ground. You need to use spot lamps for shadowing.

The Chrome is intresting, but looks fake.

(Da Bourz) #12

Yes please !! :wink:

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(endi) #14

I am new at here, so I can’t open a new topic for me. :slight_smile:

There is some pictures with Blender, by me:

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Welcome to elysiun :slight_smile:

you CAN post new topics in most forums! Very few forums disallow posting new thread!

if you don’t bother I would delete that ‘test’ post of yours…


(P.S. nice link but which pictures are by you? why there is written 3DSMAX Maya etc and not Blender? :stuck_out_tongue: )

(endi) #16

OH, sorry, bad link… there is only one picture of my, the number 29.

Now, the good link:

All pictures maked with Blender!!!

(S68) #17

:o :o

All of them really cool… expecially the Age of Inquisition one… sorry I can’t comment in Magyar :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post your own topic with this link so that more people will notice you!

(Avatar) #18

How long did it take to make it??

(endi) #19

read the comments of the picture, some words are in english :slight_smile: