My works ( .Blend Available for ALL SCENES )

I want to show a few of the my work in Blender Game Engine.
I will be posting the sreens shots and show the features in each imagem.
Enjoy! ^^

First my newest work :wink:

Name: “Ruinas”
Features: Real Time Reflection and Animated water , Normal Map, Baked AO and Shadow, Animated trees, Widescreen camera, Compiled in VideoTexture SVN 17735
Softwares: Blender, GIMP, Xnormals


All Scenes .Blend Source Download:
OBS: Build this in VIDEO TEXTURE SVN for better FPS and Real Time Reflecions


This looks awesome, keep up the good work.


Very, nice! looks professional! Will you have a demo .blend soon?

WOW! thats awsome!

And here we have a new Endi.

Very nice! You should submit to this thread:
Two things I would suggest you re-examine are the “cobblestone” texture surrounding the pool and the textures on the stone. The looseness of the cobbles does not fit with the tightness of the fountain’s architecture, and the texture on the stones looks too uniform to be natural. Aside from that very nice work. I especially like your color palette.

If you want I provides the. Blend, but the reflection only works with SVN Texture video ok? ^ ^

I am still working in this scenario, I add some effects of particles and make corrections in texture. Unfortunately I can not use parallax maps yet, I think it would improve the surface of the ground, and “cubes” on the ground are really strange, I will try to improve.

Thank you all! =)

Ohhh, Sorry but who is Endi?
I am new here do not know anyone rsrsrsrs
Bye ^^

this is some of endi’s work… If you’ve not seen it, you definitely should…

Amazing works! Absolutely Beautifull !
I had seen in te BlenderNation, But not know the author ^^
It is great to see the masters here in the forum =)

Still need to study much to reach this level ^^
I would like to have patience to detail my models so ^^
And a VGA dx9c for can use DOF and Glow =/ , The DOF effect is amazing!
My X850 is old already rsrsrsrs

Is this a game, a “graphics demo” a screensaver…?
Keep blending!

Hello ^^
Yes, this is a “Print Screen” only in Real Time ^^

It was you who created the game Tutorial Little OTO? o.O
I started to use the blender after that this article was translated into Portuguese (Brazilian) in 2004! I had 14 years! Was it you?

More one work !

: “Room”
Description: Interior Designer study ( This type of scene that is more like ) with Interactive Objects, Radiosity and Mirror Reflection in Real Time
Feature: Bake Radiosity, Normal Mapping, Real Time Reflecion.

This was less dificult but was more important for my studyes.
Enjoy! :smiley:


So, you’re 18 now???
You’re gifted…
Yes, probably it was me…

Very nice to meet you! I never imagined q speak with the creator of lille OTO. Your tutorial was fundamental for me start with the Blender Game Engine!
Thanks!!! =)

Your tutorial was translated and published in Brazilian Online Magazine “Procedural” to 4 years, in the frist edition ^^

Oh Thank! =)
I have a lot to improve but i´m studying much for it ^^
I complete 19 years in May ^^

Wonderful work!
It seems that you’re one of the firsts to use the new realtime reflection feature so seriously.
Your productions look like realtime renders, that’s beautiful. Any plan to release a demo? Do you have other examples like that?
Keep up the good work!

There’s material stretching right at the top of the pillar, it really takes away from the image =/

Wow, great work on the ruins scene, and nice to see the VideoTexture reflection being used for a practical purpose.

The second is also pretty good, liking the baked AO look and the mirror.

If these is a feature in blender so powerful as Render Realtime Mirror we should use this ^^
I can release these .Blend or create a Tutorial about Mirrors in VideoTexture. What do you prefer?

Exemples with VideoTexture Mirror with quality only this, The outers are only ugly tests of use rsrsrs.

Oh a see this, i´m trying concert this, Thanks for tip =)

You’re very kind, vitorbalbio…thanks!