My World HDR Envirement Texture, wont display details in Blender. Need Help.


I have Blender Ver: 2.71. Several times I loaded in a HDR probe as an environment texture for a few scenes. They worked just fine, I could see the details in like the horizon, sky,ground buildings, clouds etc. When I uploaded a HDR in my latest scene, in render view the environment texture image is not detailed, you can only see GREEN for ground and BLUE for sky. Its like its blurry or something. I haven’t adjust any of the settings in Blender since the last working HDR’s. So any idea how to fix this?

Here is an image of what I mean.

Make sure you’re in perspective and not in orthographic view.

Your screenshot looks most definitely like ortho view…

Wow…I am retarded:o Thats what the problem was. Thanks so much! :slight_smile: