My World

hey, this is concept work for my upcoming game once i finish uni. This scene would be the penulitmate point in the game.


Cool but it would look nicer with some ambient occlusion or shadows. Tell us a little more about it and what that big ball in the middle is.

the ball in the middle is called the Amartyr it is what Vulkan one of the 7 gods who created everything time and space, used to absorbe his brothers and sisters souls turning thim in to mere humans, he then couldn’t bare having it near him so he sent it down on to the planet terra small planet made of water, on it one evil remote island where the Amartyr lay wait for a hero to come and resuce the gods souls and save the univers from complete suffring

umm… that render looks exactly like it was made in Bryce. was it?

yes it was im really sorry i just wanted some soild feed back on it i am working on some thing like in blender at the moment

It’s not really a big deal to me when someone posts something made outside of blender on here. but it is a good idea to let people know that it is such, if for no other reason then to keep some random noob from thinking that they can make exactly that in blender. but hay, I already know that blender totally rocks out over Bryce. Does Bryce even have polygon editing yet? because when I used a copy (a long, long time ago) it didn’t.

haha bryce is the “noob” of them all it is so easy to use a baby could use i just use it for concpet and back drop stuf and no it dosn’t have polygon editing

hmmm, takes balls to post that her… ,get it- balls (at least 1). haha