My Yoda Model Blend Released!

2016 09 27: There’s an update to the model on the last page!
It’s not REALLY done, but it never will be. There are always things I want to change, but I got the model to the point that I think it is ready to be released to let everyone enjoy, and I figured you can make the improvements if you want. The model is fully rigged, the clothing works fairly reasonably. All of the textures are packed into the file in lower resolution, but still very detailed images. If you use him in a fan film or something, I just ask you give credit where credit is due. This model cannot be sold, for obvious reasons. Anyway, enjoy! His hut and perhaps another set are in the works.[INDENT] Click here to download. 1.6 MB blend file (you may have to right click and save link as)
This is what he looks like now as of 9/27/16


<insert praising comment written in Yoda’s speech pattern here>

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Awesome ! Thanks a lot for this contribution blazer003 !

Superb modelling and texturing !

The force is definately with you ! lol

This is very nice of you! Thank you! You really worked hard on this for a long time. Very gracious of you to offer it to all of us. Thank you.

Thanks very much! He looks great, almost as good as the one in the movies.

“Modeled me great, you did” Would be Yoda’s responce.

“A five star, you merit”
-Great work on textures and shading

I’m gonna have alot of fun with this. Blazer003 you rock!

i pack my stuff and go home!

that is an amazing rendering and texture job!
i love to see those images because they show
what blender can do!

great job!

Wow blazer, he is simply stunning!!!

Rock on blenderhead! :smiley: (if you don’t mind me saying :))

excellent work, that is visually very convincing.

a friendly comment on the rigging though. the bottom of the robe doesn’t seem to be parented to any bone, and I don’t think softbody will keep it where it should be. A manual solution that worked passably for me in another project (a cartoony girl with a dress) was a ring of vertical bone chains. that was fairly tedious but gave good control, I’m sure that they’re better methods though.

again, excellent work on modelling and texturing. its a nice touch that parts of his robe appear thinner and more worn.

That’s really nice, But When I open the blend it says “incomplete file” can you repost the blend or does someone else have it? please

Try downloading it again. It worked fine for me. Probably the download just got cut off before it finished.

Thanks, It worked today! REALLY nice by the way. And I noticed the cloth is subdivided like a cloth sim, but you didn’t actually do any cloth sim did you?

I have made many attempts at cloth simulation, but due to a lack of time because of a full time job, and just general frustration of hours of work for mediocre results, I’ve decided to wait for the actual cloth simulation modifier (which I’ve heard will be in this next release.)

good and bad news. Bad: cloth has officially been delayed and will not be in the next release. Good: Softbodies now (next release) have self-collision, which is a big step closer toward cloth. I Havn’t played with it yet, but I think the difference will be that while the cloth (softbody)wont penetrate the body or itself, it won’t react like cloth as far as collision and sliding. In other words, I don’t think it will ever settle down on a body, though for some clothing it might work somewhat.

I’m sure this is just my own error but can someone help me out? When I render, Yoda’s hair is standing straight up on end…how can I make it look more realistic?

because this file is 2 years old! You’ll have to redo all hair from scratch, or download, 2.45 I think it still used the old system.

This is soooooo cool!!! Thanks soooo much!!!

wow , good work …
an animation or environment for him ? :slight_smile: