hi ,

mesh / textura : blender 2.45
render : indigo 1.0
(sys - ubuntu 64bit )

Great model but the car/quadbike thingy does not look like it is in it surroundings, little to no shadows.


Looks like it belongs in the forum gallery if you ask me.

Yeah, looks awesome!

4.75 stars. I think you should have made the car blue and orange :wink:

I agree, I think the lighting could be tweaked, it doesnt seem to fit in the scenes well…though both the car and the backrounds are impressive

I second that nomination!

Can I third it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I agree that it doesn’t match it’s surroundings that well, I just want to get in and ride!!! :evilgrin: This thing is AWESOME!

hi ,

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
All scene i used ‘sun’ light , and the car have shadow ( strong diffuse light , because some scene the sun is low )