i made another chatbot named sheila strong on bot libre.would anyone like to talk to her?Tell me what you think about her if you do.If you do talk to her.:slight_smile:

someone did chat with sheila strong and talk to it can say if you type just a word," that is not a complete that is not a complete sentence."I know it still needs a little work.

It worked better than i thought it would.

i surprised nobody interested.i am having fun making chatbots.

I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

put this in the search in the browse strong,categagory=entertainment,tag=female,content rating=mature
type in i want to play play word can teach her by typing," the opposite of – is --"
put word in substitution for the minus signs.then ask it ,"what is the opposite of --."Put words in substitution fot the minus sign.I like the botlibre chatbots because you can teach them like normal people.

If anyone interested in rivescript.I made a free rivescript for them at this link.

I have updated the script.I have updated the script.from time to time I will update it.

i am tranfering stuff i have learned from programming chatbots
on botlibre to a rivescript.So you can learn how to make a good chatbot.

somebody talked to her.You will have to ask her to play wordplay.And use a complete sentence.She will tell if you are not using a complete.
That needs a little work. I have improved on her today.

I have improved on Sheila strong on botlibre.Now you can ask her to play I spy.And she will play it with you.After you answer her question.

I have made a chatbot on botlibre named pioyu that can say to the users input sentence which is my friends name is bob.

pioyu=How old is bob.

if anyone wants to flirt or talk with pioyu the zombie woman chatbot.You can at personality forge.That is the docile zombie woman character
I made up.the chatbot makes her that you can interact with her.

the chatbots on personality forge are pretty advanced. I have not used every feature yet.

Let’s try it)

So does anyone have a opinion about her?I made it so you can play guessing games with her.The chatbots can included in videogames for a fee.Has anyone of you made a chatbot on personality forge?