MyPaint 0.9.0 Beta 1?

The newest version of this painting software ha been released… and no users reviews on google, actually it seems nobody even care , like practically a phantom like release!:spin:

The fact that there is NO documentation at all, not even a version log, doesn’t help.

So, someone has used it? The forums of mypaint are pretty much a mess if you ask me.

I’ve used .82 on and off, and I must say in comparison .9 is quite nice- they’ve cleaned it up quite a bit. Give 'er a whirl.

*plus, its only a beta release- no need to get the banners out yet :wink:

So they cleaned up the interface, I hope they made new icons for the brushes the old one was kind of messy.

Yeah, it’s true that it is a beta release, but at least a screenshot or a few “these are the new features or improvements that are made/planned” would be better than the “new surprise release check it out to find out whats new!”.

Learn to use git.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out.