Mypaint windows buil

new mypaint build for windows i love it, please test and report bugs.

download from here:

It’s my favorite program! Is the new build available for linux and mac?

i don;t know about the mac but for ubuntu check here:

Mac version was not fully functional, I keep the linux machjine for drawing

Great news, but… it is unbelievably slow… even moving palettes around lags ! :frowning: However the new tools are just what Mypaint needed : horizontal symmetry, moving layers, viewer widget… awesome additions, I just wish the final build will be more swift.

Graphic tablet Trust dont work

It’s great to see Tumagonx still generously trying to make windows build of MyPaint so we can benefit from all the awesome.
One of the new stuff i immediately noticed that wasn’t in previous builds is that you can move the symmetry axis of mirrored painting, can’t seem to rotate that axis, so no idea if it’s possible (or even planned).

I managed to crash when i enabled the HSV color wheel and tried to drag it from the panel to the right into its own floating window with the “mypaint encountered an error blablabla”

AppName: mypaint.exe AppVer: ModName: libgtk-3-0.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00252441

for mac take a look at the free SketchBookPro version!

Hey, thanks for the news, I though the project was inactive, but this new version is really nice. It’s more responsive now and the interface looks very elegant.

Everything works well here, except for the crash I get when trying to undock any of the panels.

same here wen try to move palette mypaint crash, table pressure work ok for me

this the one with gamut masking?

The one with gamut masking was the previous one, actually. This one is the GTK3 port, with vector masks if I am not mistaken.

New windows build up 32 / 64bit system

… or Mischief… :smiley:

I would like to see an open-source alternative to this type of drawing program however, I really wish MyPaint would get a OS X version :frowning:

Fixed the title and moved to CG Discussions, since this has nothing to do with Blender news.

@m9105826: …and what’s with krita, inkscape, zbrush? are they more blender related? sorry my question, just wondering:)

This little program kept me going when my desktop broke 2 years ago and I had no money for immediate repairs. It was about the only painting software that could run on my little laptop. The brushes used to drive me up the wall though but it is worth another look.

new Mypaint build for windows more stable

works great on linux. We get the latest builds first - before mac and win users. They are always stable (no lags here)!!

I really LIKE MyPaint.