Myrlea testing builds

I have created these builds for testing purposes only…not really for sharing the assets…I WILL share them later, for now I need feed back and some bug reporting…
and, OFC, just for people to play with.
*these should run on most systems…the lowest system I ran it on was an i3(from 2011) with Nvidia GTX 240 and still managed 40FPS

  • BACKSPACE will show the FPS the FPS does seem to fluctuate quite a bit, but still runs smooth…
    there are one or two areas where it dips drastically these are known.

*Linux builds do NOT work on my system…only download if you are willing to see if you can get it to run.

Please post any issues or bugs here, not in the main Myrlea thread.

Bugs: (I will try to keep this up to date, unless I get lazy)

  • (25May18) dodge allows movement through walls

    • (25May18) fixed, and now using double tap for all directions
  • (5June18) increased mouse input sensitivity due to it’s muddy/ slow feel.

    • this is something that I felt needed speedup, but other users supported my opinion so I changed it…need to add it as option in launcher.

linux build it is missing a module

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘encodings’

really…this is the python module, or from blender? I do not even know what that is…you can reply here or send me a PM…either way, I will still need to look around.

I could be wrong…I’m no expert, but I think that may have something to do with your computer…if someone has any info on this please let me know…I would love to fix it.

EDIT: I have been researching this and it seems that I have no clue if it is the build or your machine…that is to say I am still looking into it.

next build I will simply upload the file for linux users and see if anyone else can publish.

Crap. didn’t see this and posted in the other thread. Ah well, rules are made to be broken.

It’s fine…I will go check the other thread. :wink:

Had a few good battles (fists) with some green goblins. Sometimes I won, sometimes they did. Pretty good combat.

I’ve found quite a few bugs in combat since this build…like enemies confused whether to return ‘home’ or go after the player…and sometimes looping through ‘wince’ animations…but these will be fixed…I also need to implement the additional punching and 1h attacks…they are there, but because I know they are done…I just moved on to more pressing matters.

im downloading now !!!

Ok i played it Navigation is a Little Hard but overally id give you an 8/10
you’ve done wonderful Work.

The Graphics are a good taste for my eyes it makes me wanna explore more of the world.
You definitely have to go the Open world route its definitely worth it bro.


Here were some of my in Game Shots i took @JustinBarrett

The Game Plays well i really liked how you made the world and the UI its alot similar to @haidme 's KRUM Game !!!

Otherwise the crashing happens when i press [Esc]
But anyways i hope all goes well this progress is Good already iam super excited for more content!


Crash on ‘esc’? do you have any errors?..sorry I am not sure if you are on windows and how you can see the output…

if you are on linux just launch it with the terminal…but since the linux builds are broken I assume windows :grin:

*Navigation: what kind of issues did you have…I admit just finding your way around to some of the farms and where to go at first is not lined out so well…this is because a lot of npc’s(fluff) are not in place…neither are any signs…so if this is the case…I know about it…otherwise, please give me more information…it is something I would like to fix.

the map is also not implemented yet :frowning:

i made a little cmd that opens the game in a console window for the windows users. just place in the same directory as the exe.

Myrlea_testing_0_Debug.cmd (29 Bytes)

my console print after opening the game, running around a bit, ESC a couple of times, then EXIT.
no crashes, pretty good fps (60ish). mouse is super slow.

... >cmd /K "Myrlea_testing_0.exe"

Color management: using fallback mode for management
BLT_lang_init: 'locale' data path for translations not found, continuing
found bundled python: C:\Users\User\Downloads\testing\Myrlea testing 0\win\2.78\python

GL_VERSION:  4.5.0 NVIDIA 368.81
Supported Extensions...
 GL_ARB_shader_objects supported?       yes.
 GL_ARB_geometry_shader4 supported?     yes.
 GL_ARB_vertex_shader supported?        yes.
  Max uniform components.4096
  Max varying floats.124
  Max vertex texture units.32
  Max vertex attribs.16
  Max combined texture units.192

 GL_ARB_fragment_shader supported?      yes.
  Max uniform components.4096

 GL_ARB_texture_cube_map supported?     yes.
  Max cubemap size.16384

 GL_ARB_multitexture supported?         yes.
  Max texture units available.  4

 GL_ARB_texture_env_combine supported?  yes.
 GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two supported?  yes.
 GL_ARB_draw_instanced supported?  yes.
Error: totblock: 15

intel i7-4700mq 2.4ghz
8gb ram 1600mhz
geforce gt 755m 2gb
evga torq x3 @ 1600 dpi (crappy mouse, but ill try it on my real computer that has a m65 RGB pro)

Mouse is adressed :blush: I need to update the first post.

what version of blender are you using to the linux build ?

the reason i ask this is that in the game folder it says 2.78 and the python version inside is version 3.6 but as far i am aware blender 2.78 uses python version 3.5

I also noticed NPC Glitches they are above the ground etc
the Mechanics have to be abit more dynamic. (In your current build i found it to be abit limiting in the players pace while walking or running)

Otherwise Your World is really Good and well made as well as everything else.
Nice work on the UI i really appreciate yr hard work and talent in designing that.
yep please fix the Mouse please its too slow !!!


I’m not sure what you mean about NPC’s not being on the ground? I’ve tested this on several systems(ok 5 :grin:) but I have never seen this…

can you post a screen where the NPC is not on the ground?

as far as mechanics being more dynamic…I think you are referring to move speed or how far you need to walk before you get anywhere or do anything…

if so…I am aware of the pacing issues with the game play…try to remember that none of the side quests are in and none of the extra npc’s are there…the end product will not have you walk 1Km before you have some type of encounter…either with an enemy or npc…or some scripted event…what you are playing is the bare bones(skeleton) version of what is planned and is meant for testing the questline, equipment and combat…

that being said if others feel the area is too spread out, I can make the starting village smaller and send the player out from there to accomplish tasks…any thoughts?

At the beginning, I mainly missed a tutorial or indications on the screen of the main commands, such as moving, attacking, equipping items, etc.
ah, you should already know, but it never hurts to point out that the mouse movement is too slow. Maybe if I implement a mouse sensitivity control system?

By dynamic i meant more fluid.
It has to flow with the animations!

Anyways goodluck and all the best :smile:

@firefox.jco: noted, I have already implemented some more ui elements while working on save/load, to include a “controls” listing.

@Fred_K.S: I may end up reworking some of the animation system…this is something I will have to come back to though…It is on my ‘secondaries’ list…(the list I keep of things I think can be added or improved, but do not hinder the actual game)…
but if it does not feel fluid It may need more attention…