I drew myself on flash with my tablet.

i used a picture in the background. i made some changes from the original pictures.

here it is only with the outline

here is the one colored

C&C are welcome as usual…

You used Flash?
I thought Flash always had solid lines.
That’s why I like using it anyway.
The colors were done with the cutout filter in Photoshop right?
I you didn’t you prob spent a lot of time doing smt you can do with a single click :]
But it’s nice anyway, I’d like to see this with more solid lines though.

you can nearly not make a nice strait perfect line because it adjust it and make it cartoonish.

also i used the tablet with the Pressure sensitivity which make the line thinker and thinner.

for the colores they where drawn in flash :smiley: I don’t know if it would have work with the cutout filter, becasue i don’t know wut it is.
i had to modifie from the original picture so i don’t know if it would have worked.

but what do you mean by solid lines?
that it is allways the same size!!!