Myspace Gimp'n

wut it do’?

lol hey guys, well i’ve been getting into gimp and myspace, what a combo i’d say.
Well i’ve done some tutorials, and i’ve been making layouts, I’m posting only the extended box section.

I’ll keep you guys posted when new ones come out.

here is the one on my layout:

here is one i made for ma homeboy

and here is one i just made using a tutorial, although i messed it up by adding the black stuff.



nice use of colors and design, although the second one is a bit strange, the little “sparkles” are just too…outstanding, try making them a little smaller or making them not so bright. And you might want to add some more frames to make the animations a little smoother. Good Job :smiley:

liking it…
myspace is usually hard to get looking right because of its cruelty to css, but you’ve done a good job :wink:


A particularly good job. One of the best gimp works I’ve seen in a while !!



ps: If you don’t mind I’m NOT gonna make a fool out of myself by giving you a stamp or a seal.

Zepplin: thanks man, yes, i know the second one looks…weird. It was a quick job anyways.

charliemcf: thanks man, thanks for the add too. LOL…

Jacco: im flattered, thanks so much!

new one…


hey dude, awesome layouts, just added you

MM: thanks, more to come soon.

I dunno what these are really for (never had, and never will have a myspace account) but i like the third one in your first post a lot. I like this latest one as well, but for the animation of it, i;m wondering if maybe a frame or two where it goes from darker to lighter again would improve it. It kinda hurts my eyes to watch it when it snaps from dark to light. but the design of it is pretty neat.

Man brainz are working 90% visual 10% analitical… :smiley: dude to much flashing ! Make them fluid !

To much blurr will hurt an eye…my eyes are blurred by my eye illnes …


So i like the simple one THIRD

Squiggly_P: thanks, ill try to make the transitions smoother and less snappy.
OneMan: okkkk…thanks tho.

another gif…
me this time…

i was gonna make it say i know you like my swagga, but i knew that near to all of you wouldn’t understand…
let me know what you think of it…