Myspace Virus Alert!

There is a virus going around on Myspace that I discovered last night.

This one copies your friends myspace page and then send s you a message telling you to check out some website, do NOT go to that website, a friend of mine did and it destroyed his computer, don’t even go to the copycat profile page, it may contain a virus as well, I went to the copycat page and looked around, nothing happened to me, but do NOT go to it either.

So I just thought I’d give you guys a heads up.


Hmm… Thanks, you reminded me of that cookies thing.

People still use myspace?

Thank you friend for reminded…but if i use like anti spy or antivirus, will i still infect by that virus?

Nevermind, found out that it was a personal attack from someone in my group, we don’t know who though, but someone who wants to bring us down.

Its a conspiracy.

cue mandingo.

Lol, it’s no conspiracy, I’m not sure who it is doing it or why.

Myspace IS a virus…

damn… beat me to it

Myspace? what’s that:evilgrin:

I just don’t use Myspace.

I’d offer the following categorical bits of advice…

  • Never use your Windows computer as an “Administrator.” (This basically also means, “don’t use ‘Home’ editions.”) Always set up a “Limited Account” (or accounts…) for yourself. - Microsoft Backup is a marvelous tool that ought to be “right there” on your computer, ready to make incremental backups of all your stuff onto that nice, handy, USB or FireWire or network-attached disk drive that you bought at a department-store for less than $200. - Mac users: same principle applies, and “Time Machine” is the marvelous-tool.
    When you do these things, rogue-programs might well be able to issue requests to do nasty-things, but since your login-account isn’t privileged, the computer won’t obey them.

They might be able to “wipe out your files,” but they can’t wipe-out Windows because your non-privileged account doesn’t have the right to touch those files. And since you’ve got full, current backups (which a non-privileged account also cannot touch directly…) they can’t destroy anything permanently.

In the business world, people playing different roles have different “private offices,” with locks on their doors, for good reasons. Do the same with your computer. You can have as many “private offices” (limited user accounts…) as you please.

Drat! You beat me to it.