MySQL installation for Blender

Hello everybody ! =)

Please, be indulgent with my bad English, I’m French ! :wink:

As the topic’s subject suggests, I would like to install MySQL for Blender, I’ve already installed it for the basic Python programm (v3.2) but I want to use MySQL for Blender, because sqlite can’t make what I want to do. (I want to create structures from a database which would be on a server and used by several persons at the same time).

I don’t know if dbBlender would be a great idea, but I can’t find any documentation about it … x_X’

I’m using the 2.6.3 version of Blender (which integrate the 3.2 version of Python), on a Windows 64bits.

Again, sorry for bad English and I hope someone would be able to help me ! Thanks ! =)