mySQL problems

ive been having a problem installing mysql. im on xp pro, as an admin, and when i attempt to install msql 4.0.18 or 4.0.20, it apparently copyies the files, but at the end of the copy, the installer crashes. If i try to uninstall, it claims that the Uninst.isu file is invalid, and wont let me uninstall; ive searched online but have not been able to find a solution…

is your ram bad? [sorry, it is all I can think of. use memtest86 to check]

honestly, it is much easier to set up mysql on linux because it probably is installed by default and you only have to set it up. for most databases running it shouldn’t be a problem.

Have you tried deleteing all mysqlfiles, and then reinstall it?

yes, serveral times. and ive never ahd a memory problrm before, i dont think this is the issue.

After running the installer, and after it crashes, try running mysqld and see if it works anyway. It’ll be in the mysql\bin folder, might be called “mysqld.exe” or “mysqld-opt.exe” or “mysqld-debug.exe” or anything like that.

Then run mysql.exe from cmd and if it works or even gives any error other than “Can’t connect to MySQL server” then it worked.

If you get a “Access denied for user” error then it’s installed fine, you just need to figure out the username/password. Try “mysql -u root”, and if that doesn’t work try “mysql -u root -p” and start guessing passwords.

i ran mysql-nt, then mysql, with no indication of error…however, when i ran the bin\winmysqladmin.exe file, it complained of a missing lbmysql.dll, and suggested reinstalling…which i did, with the same installer crash, and the same libmysql.dll error.

I don’t have a solution for your mySQL problems, but I run MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) on my compter. It’s a full (freeware) install of SQL-Server 2003, but you’re limited to 5 simultaneous connections. Any more, and there’s some code that slows down the additional connections.

well, i need mysql for blenderpeople.

Unfortunately, when you say “it crashes” and don’t say how, it doesn’t give anyone too much to go on.

very true. a picture says a thousand words:

this is after the file copy portion of the install process is completed.

anyone ever seen this?

yes, from time to time… maybe the installer files are corrupt? or is your box overclocked? try downloading them again.

you could also try something different - phptriad. this is apackage consisting of apache webserver, php and mysql. it comes with a handy php tool for editing and maintaining databases via a webbrowser. the only drawback is that it doesn’t come with the latest versions, though that might have changed already.

good luck

that’s my guess too. corrupted file.

There are many pakages like phptriad and some of them are updated frequently. And I am too lazy to do a search for you…
Keywords: sql php apache server pakage amp* install quick easy free open source windows
(use some of keywords that you like, try other combinations if you get bad hits)

*short of ApacheMysqlPhp, like lamp were the l stands for linux.

well, i downloaded mysql 4.0.20d for windows, and achieved the same crash as with 4.0.18 and 4.0.12c. This indicates that the problem is my computer…in not overclocked…is there any service or anything i shoud deactivate before installing that would cause a conflict?

IIRC I had some problem lik that too, but mysql still worked for me so I didn’t care.