••• MYST Demo!

UPDATE:The Myst Demo has found a working host. Please check it out if you are interested.
Okay, people… if you really want to make a node (myst-like navigation) game, here’s a demo I whipped together to show you how. It’s very small, (only 42 k!) and I would say it’s at a pretty easy level. Check it out if you like.

Edit: This link has been fixed, ignore all the “can’t access” posts.[/b]

I get “access forbidden” when I try to download it

Can’t get the file :frowning:

You do not have permission to access http://maruta.50megs.com/mystdemo.zip
Data files must be stored on the same site they are linked from.

yep, not working here either…


Need I say more?

won’t work


Honestly, don’t shout. I tested it before and it worked, I don’t know why it’s not working now. I’ll try to get it up somewhere else, maybe JD Multi will host it. I can’t afford anything besides a free server. Don’t get your nose out of joint.

try using geocities by yahoo… just give us your web directory and we can get them from there…

Geocities? More like Geoshities! :<

(In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in a bad mood right now)

Email [email protected] and send it ill upload it for you

You can only download things from the computer you uploaded them off of. Just one of them “joyful quirks” that comes with 50megs.

If you’re still fishing for ideas on where to put it, you can use this:

Username: com_jeeves.50free.net
Password: blendcom

If uploaded here, the file will be at http://jeeves.50free.net/blender/com/whatever_the_hell_the_file_name_is.ass

Here’s a GREAT webhost, http://www.free-webspace.biz/, it gives 255 megs of free space and no bandwidth restrictions. And of course, i’ts FREE!
Need i say more?


Yep use Sutabi’s idea. If you need more host you can also ask me. No problem. :slight_smile:

R2Bl3nd: Just a question, you really sound like a person who’s posting short unfriendly answeres. Can you please post better reply’s then just yell at people not to do things? Thanks already. :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded it to my website.

Very interesting demo. I think I’ll play around with that concept myself. Thanks PlantPerson, and thanks for hosting it JD-multi.

Thanks a lot, JD!

After playing around with it a while, I don’t think I’d do it that way in scene. It sort of hurts my head making that sudden jump. I think I’d use the arrow keys for movement and the mouse for picking. Cool island for whipping it up that fast. What’s the empty you were talking about?

On the subject of node-games, can anyone point me to resources on the net that cover other concepts in games like this?

The thing that gets me is that at each location (node, I suppose) different stuff can happen - animations, actions, sounds, etc.
I assume that this means unique code has to run at each location to control that stuff. How does one write such a game?
Is it like:
sub room1()
sub room2()
sub room3()
sub … etc

And the other puzzle (for me) is how one can save and load the state of the game. How does one organise your variables so that they can be save en masse?

I reckon there’s a lot more to a game like this than getting around the island!

fireside, the empty is the object the character is parented to, the one that looks like an axis. empties are useful to use for things in the game that are not seen, as they take up no space.

Biggles, there’s a much simpler way. Just use a property to keep track of which node the player is in, then use property actuators to decide what the player can do in each one. When the player clicks on node 2, have it set the property to “2”, and use AND controllers to decide what the player can do when the property “node”=2.

Well, I am not at all sure what you just said - I am that new to Game Blender!
I was thining out loud from a “pure programming” pov.

Thanks for the reply, I must catch-up in knowledge to understand it!