myst rendered realtime

can myst style rendered images and movies be made interactive in blender? If so , how? I want to make a myst style example of a rendered world that can be made point and click and/or panorama.

it is posible to do with images, but not movies(like a .avi or .mpg)
Blender isent made for this kind a games, but it can be done.

I suppose you could do it, although I’m not sure why you would want to. The graphics would be poor, and it would be a lot of trouble.

Take a look at Blengine’s stuff. Especially his Monkey Island demo and he also did a tutorial on using rendered scenes. There’s a link for it in the games section.

You’d be better off looking for a program to show pictures and movies based on where you clicked, the blender game engine is made for realtime 3d games.


You need a 2D engine.

IMO, the best one is Adventure Game Studio. It’s easy to use and has a windows based editor which you will import your backgrounds, sounds, and animations into.

Another program to keep your eye on is Pipmak, which makes games with panoramic environments like Myst III. It is not complete yet, but windows and mac demos can be downloaded here:

More information may appear here:

THey don’t work! I just get that stupid “404”!

I was thinking of trying a Myst style game in 3d if I ever get good enough in Blender. Sure, you’d have to go more low poly, but it would have more interactivity.