myst translations - panorama

hi all

im working on a myst fan project named “myst translations” which uses blender as the basis for creation/exploration of fan created descriptive books or ages (its a realtime 3d game that will run in the blender web plugin).

i was inspired by some recent threads on quicktime panoramas and thought it was a cool way of presenting a view of my first age translation attempt (wip).

(approx 152k quicktime panorama)

if you’re interested in the project - you can take a look at some of the screenshots/info previously posted in the game engine forum.

let me know if youd like to see some more of these…



I, also, am a major fan of Myst (and Riven and Myst III). It is a little dream of mine to someday make graphics like they do.

It is looking really cool! I would love to learn how to do the game engine things…but i think I should finish my current project first. If you put some textures on the buildings and such, it would be just like Myst!


hey, i think i’ve seen that place before. maybe in california.
anyway, nice stuff, but I remember it with more detail, like power line posts and little signs on the columns.

maybe oregon…