Mysterious Altar

I just started working on this, about 15 min modeling+lighting. I guess it’s kinda like a scene from a Zelda game. I think that the spot light ring kinda takes away from the picture. Is there a way to make it so the light has more of a fading effect?

Pretty good so far!
To make more of a fading effect with the light, increase the “SpotBl” slider in the lamp material buttons

I would forget the lights, and use Ambient Occlusion. Just my $0.002 cents though.

Hey, you should have some fluid in the things, like blood or something.

No, I think it should be a fountain of blood shooting out of the middle pillar and ending up in the 4 pots. :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Don’t have a pic to show yet, still working on particles. Can you have particles follow a path in 2.37? I’m thinking maybe have fire coming from the middle into the pots.

Oh, and by the way i am using AO.

ihmo: fire shouldn’t be jumping around, maybe. if you want a mysterious look, i would say do some soft, low-burning flames, in deep blue or green if you REALLY want to go zelda. if you want it to look super-magical, having fire jumping around is fine. your call, of course.


Set a definite mood to the piece, as quickly as possible… Turn off the work-lights above the stage and bring up the lights for the show.

Then, put the audience in position: experiment with placements for the camera, and with lenses. Do that before you put a lot more effort into the model itself.