Mysterious Message: "toivottavasti nyt toimii"


Has anyone seen this message in the console before “toivottavasti nyt toimii”?

I have a panel in the node editor
The message seems to be happening after deleting an object in the 3D view, then my panel in the node editor disappears until I select an object in the 3D view again.

Ok the panel disappearing was unrelated, it was a condition in its poll method.
Then I couldn’t reproduce the message at first but now I can be a bit more specific.
This happens after you rename an object then delete any object, and once it starts appearing it wont go away until you open another blend file or re-open the current blend file|en|toivottavasti%20nyt%20toimii

I know what it means, I want to no what to do about it.

Ah, it actually has nothing to do with my code. Its the Applink 3D Coat addon and this is much more easily reproducible by having this annoying little addon enabled, selecting ‘Scene’ in the ‘Properties’ window and not having set the ‘exchange’ directory!!