Mysterious Temple

I my attempt at creating a mysterious temple made by an ancient civilization. Feedback is encouraged!

I feel like the buildings aren’t standing out enough but I have no idea how to fix that…

For me it seems like there is no consistent “time of day”.
The sky looks like a cloudy afternoon and the actual scene / buildings & floor look like a bright midnight.

Some ideas:

  • Replace the sky with a night sky & stars (or even try a sun set / rise, but that would result in more orange)
  • Add fog / mist (makes everything more mysterious)
  • Add depth of field (only a bit to blur the sharp edges)
  • Remove the lens flare
  • Adjust the colors (more blue / green, less purple)
  • Think about the orange in the lower right, it is distracting because of its unique color (Is that intended?)
  • Try adding a sharper light source (e.g. moon), it might help to bring out the geometry