Mysterium - *update* underwater version posted!

hey guys, just finished another blend :smiley:

Only one mesh was used; manually instanced hundreds of times (well, the far-off columns were duplicated in symetrical groups of six)

EDIT: for my latest update (underwater version) scroll down.

Comments and crits welcome!

well i already told you my opinion before… i say a really short version of it again…

awsomely great job! :smiley:

look at the bottom of the image - one inch up - left one inch from center and you can see where a base and a cylinder meet - i’d fix that!

other than that - it is pretty cool! :wink:

Explain how you did the mist. That’s what I’ve been struggling with :smiley:

it’s a sprite right?

Oh, that I love. Very cool. No major crits, though the fog looks odd at times.

I like this pic. It has a great atmosphere.
I’m always amazed when someone can turn the simplest object into a work of art.


I like this kind of art… not complex but nice to look at … my only crit is that maybe you could have cropped the picture at the top a bit … it seems there’s a bit too much of the mist filled ‘empty’ space at the top … other than that … it’s nice…

that reminds me of that hexagon walkway in Myst 3 Exile
anyway…nice work

looks really nice, well done :smiley:
It reminds me of the giants causeway

thanks for all of the comments guys :smiley:

I’ve just created an underwater version of this pic (which i personally like much better). Glow plugin was used, as well as some VERY slight tweaking in photoshop to get the glow just right :slight_smile:

comments , crits, and suggestions welcomed!

I agree, that does look cooler. :slight_smile:

looks cool m8,
well done :o

Nice, I love how you did the fog in the first image, the underwater image with the glow is pretty cool as well

ya i don’t like the second as well but i do like the glow you did! :wink:

I still like #1 better.

I like them both. Great stuff man!

Now, you have to explain how the hell to use that friggin glow plugin. I have never gotten it to work properly.