Mystery Bounding Box

Hey, I was working on some uv texturing and at some point in the flurry of keyboard strokes I hit something that created a bounding box around one of the objects in my scene. And I can’t seem to get rid of it. Can somebody help me in figuring out where the box came from and how to get rid of it? thanks

here is a screen grab to illustrate my point. The box is around the hair object.

It may be that you have moved/scaled the texture space of the object accidentally. You can restore it back to normal by using Buttons Window -> Editing -> Link and Materials -> AutoTexSpace. Enable it and visit Edit Mode. The texture space should be back to normal. You can disable it now if you want.

You can disable drawing of the texture space bounding box at Buttons Window -> Object -> Draw.

Thanks BeBraw. One of these days I really need to sit down and go through all of the different windows and see what is there and what it all does. I know I haven’t even yet scratched the surface of what is in this program.

Thanks Again.