mystery of the moving mesh... please help!

Hey all, I’m experiencing something very odd in blender 2.63… I created a mesh skeleton (which is rigged) and a mesh muscle system (not rigged) on 2 separate blender projects. I appended the mesh muscles into the other project and began placing the mesh muscles onto their positions on the human skeleton mesh. I saved the project. Then, when I re-open the project, the mesh muscles are back in their original position and not where I moved them! Why are they moving on their own? Please help!!!
I appended the muscles, like this:

Then I moved the muscles to the positions I wanted and saved the project:

When I re-open, this is what I see!

i think your blender version might have a virtual flesh eating virus :slight_smile:

Hahaha. I wish it was a blender issue! Then at least I’d know it wasn’t ME doing something stupid!