Mystery of the quantum wall...

Arrrgh! - I’m making a simple maze game for my kids and I’ve got an odd problem.

When you reach certain tiles ont he floor of the maze it causes some of the walls to move. All is working brilliantly except for one wall. It’s the only one that moves through 180 instead of 90 degrees, but the problem is this:

The player cannot pass through the place the wall WILL BE AFTER IT MOVES!

Hmmm - Not a very clear way to put it, I’ll see if I can clarify - The wall moves during the game to block a section of corridoor. Before the wall moves, that section is impassable as if a force field was there.

Any clues? It’s definitely this wall as when I move it to an inactive layer the problem goes away with it. It’s sharing a mesh with all the other walls so it’s not an invisible face.

HELP :eek:

(Here’s the .blend)

PS: I just realised I left the editor in my materials screen so it’s not all that playable - At least switch to comera view before playing! Cheers.

the game logic for object swingwall has bounds enabled as box, so I guess that one panel is acting like a box instead of plane. I just unchecked the bounds and seems to work fine.

Thanks - I didn’t even think to display the bounding box! Works great.