Mystery on a word - Blueprint

General comments on Blueprint :slight_smile: :smiley: :rolleyes:

Iv been a designer for the last 20 years and the last time i specify to print a blueprint was about 20 years ago

Blueprint was a very low quality paper with one color blue or black lines of poor quality and resolution till the advent of plotter inkjet or laser printer.
The ink was not even waterproof - so you can imagine what happen on a construction site

Now a day i’m not certain but i don’t even think that blueprint still exist on the market :eek:

So why are people still refering to blueprint for top front and side view:confused:

Top - front an side views are orthogonal projection of the 3D model on a 2D surface

it could also have been an isometric view :eek:

a top-front-side view is not a blueprint it is a 2D picture that’s it
not a blueprint.

This is a mysterie to me and the truth is out there somewhere in the universe :confused: :cool:

Salutations from the cyberspace in outerspace

Same reason what you’re looking at is called a ‘screen’ and a car (from CARraige) is what we call an automobile, a stamp is licked not stamped, hamburgers are sold everywhere but Hamburg and pesticides kill everything but the pests. Fortunately though Off Topic is still Off Topic.


With dimensions and suchlike, it could be called a blueprint. Its a general term that has become more widespread, like hoover.

Good one Fligh% :slight_smile:

In Oz we often call a vacuum cleaner a “Hoover” and sticking plasters “Bandaids”, both from brand names. We still claim Vegemite as a great Australian “food” despite the fact US company KRAFT bought it years ago. Hell, politicians are still referred to as “The Honourable…”!!! So much for getting it right!

As I recall, blueprints were actually developed photographically and not printed with ink at all. Since the developing was a wet process, it’s difficult to see how a genuine blueprint could be affected by water.

Well seeing as this has already wobbled completely off topic…

In the days when porn films were smuggled, they were coated to make them appear like unexposed film. When the coating was washed off it gave the underlying image a slight blue tint = hence the polite term ‘Blue Movie’.

Okay seriously…

The blueprint process was developed by the British astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1840. The photosensitive compound, a solution of ammonium ferric citrate and potassium ferricyanide, is coated onto paper. Areas of the compound exposed to strong light are converted to insoluble blue ferric ferrocyanide, or Prussian blue. The soluble chemicals are washed off with water leaving a light-stable print.

You forgot my main point

a top-front-side view is not a blueprint it is a 2D picture that’s it
not a blueprint

In Blender 3D it is normally a file - How can you talk about a file and refer to it as a blueprint what a miss nommer this is !

the relationship is so far fetch and out that it doesn make sense at all !
this word has been taken out of context to the extent that it’s out of this world

a file called a blueprint that’s a good one ?
a file is not a piece of paper -where is the relationship!

in the 3D DWG world it should be called as it is and this is and “orthogonal projection” function of the base which is the unit orthonormal vector of the World coordinate system normally
at least from a mathematical point of view
and in blender it is a reference because it is fixed and unchangeable

Some peoples are sleeping at the wheel or something like that
may be it’s time to wake them up and educate these people to give them a part of the truth of reality

For me this is like if people were saying that the moon is a UFO
Ya Wake up it’s about time!

Salut la gang

Although a blueprint isn’t exactly what it used to be, the term blueprint is so common and generally accepted that everybody knows what your talking about when refering to a blueprint. Calling it something else wouldn’t make sence, just like a file was something different before computers existed.

You forgot my main point

None of the respondents forgot the main point at all. Some explained how this is hardly an isolated case of misnomer - our language is riddled with them - and others explained how even though you chose to discuss a pedantic point, you had the fundamentals wrong (blueprints were not made with water-soluble inks)

The real question is - so what? I know what a blueprint is when referred to in a CG context and clearly you do to. So what’s the problem? Get back to blending and don’t let yourself get sidetracked by non-issues.

A blueprint is simply a way to store data. The only thing that changes is the way it is viewed and translated and which medium it occupies.

i’v eard that too many times

if you make and repeat an error so many times then it becomes an habit until someone comes along and say well that’s not right because under some obscur circomstances …

In other words repeating an error by habit does make it right or the truth

less than 400 years most people tough that the earth was flat till someone came along and tried to use science to explain that the earth in fact was a round sphere - but who the hec was this scientist and who cares !

or sometimes a cigar is a cigar and nothing else

but your right in the world of 3D toontown anything is possible

You see if i still ask question and considering that if you cannot ask question you should begin asking YOURSELF IF YOUR ARE STILL SAIN OR INSAINE

and this was a good day afterall i’v learn a little bit more


it could be an error but atleast it’s a generally accepted error. in language errors can be easily accepted because it’s not how you say it that’s important, but that you can communicate and get your point across. that’s why i hate grammar class - im the ‘spirit of the law’ kinda guy rather than a ‘letter of the law’ guy.

yes american english is declining but it’s still the #1 language in the world. :stuck_out_tongue: