The project I’m working currently working on, has been with Textures and a bit more modeling. I’m unsure how to continue, as should I put in the middle of thick forest? If so how and what kind of trees and plants should I be making? Or should I put a background of mountains? Appreciate any suggestions:)

The inspiration behind this work is from a bit of the “Lost” tv series, with the random abandoned buildings they would find, and from the World of Myst/Riven.

it looks like it needs a forest to me. also make its edges a little less clean. those texture look weird with those clean edges.

i agree with zenoth. also,try adding more lights or AO to make it a little softer.

So THAT’s where they’ve been stationing all the mysteries! Why if I had a crowbar and half a wit, I would break in there an’ grab an armful! I hear they make great pets!