Mystery Zen 4 Mega APU?

Seriously if this was released this year and i decide to upgrade my workstation, I would consider not having a discrete GPU in my system, and it might even work out quite a bit cheaper.

A 170 watt Mega APU based on 32 Zen4 cores at 5nm and an RDNA 2 or RDNA3 based GPU all on one processor. 64 Zen 4 threads plus the added boost from its GPU running with Cycles X, who needs a £4000+ Nvidia card anymore? I would have 128GB or more DDR5 RAM so no limits to scene textures or render resolution.

There are a few Hollywood movies that have scenes requiring up to 1 terabyte of RAM, I am sure the artists on this forum will figure out a way to crank up the resolution and detail to the point of swapping on that large of an amount.

As for the APU, the thought of the GPU of all things becoming as unimportant as the 90’s era floating point coprocessor would be a huge breakthrough for computing (that would be under the assumption the prices won’t crash when and if the crypto bubble finally pops).

I really can’t get very excited about huge power consumption on my desktop. Is this something people still want? Just clone the Mac M1 and make it run Windows/Linux PC. GPUs are fast enough for most work. 16c/32t CPU also certainly is, unless your job is compiling Unreal shaders. I just want a small, modular PC, that’s powerful enough and has 8 SSD slots with 128 GB RAM and 16 USB ports. Most of the room is taken by cooling and airflow.

I just want a small powerful computer and waiting for the PC vendors to do whatever Mac did. :man_shrugging:

The bulky PC I got right now might be the last of its kind.

The other vendors like AMD probably could make such a chip but they wont because it wont result in the best profit and revenue for the company and its shareholders. They like to sell you video cards, desktop processors and laptop processors. Want they wont do is build a 300 watt APU with 3D V cache and HBM memory along the outside of it( Spec would be something like 32 Zen4 Cores - 256MB L3 V-Cache - RDNA 2 GPU core - 20 TFLOPS 32bit combined - 64GB of HBM3 at 2 TB/s all on one die or PCB).

They would do if a government paid them enough maybe for a supercomputer like the chips inside Japans fastest supercomputer, but if nobody pays them for the R&D they just wont do it for the desktop imo.

Unless you have a need to carry your box around like an oversized tablet, then this APU actually does a pretty good job with power consumption compared to the existing high-end offerings (while still offering a good upgrade from something like Zen+).

The TDP for the whole machine would be less than one RTX 3090 GPU (which actually says a lot for the current state of the GPU market).

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i remember 10 some years ago when everyone said tower pc were done for. the market is still going strong. :rofl:

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its not as simple as that. stuffing so much power in a single package is limited by the cooling (and other pesky things like power draw from board vrm). many high end cpus are pushing thermal capacity of even water coolers currently.

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True and it gets worse as they die shrink. The power density is so high its like a nuclear reactor core. But im not looking for something to rival high end graphcis cards like the 3060 and upwards, im just looking for something thats fast but cost efficient, and a decent upgrade from my zen 1st gen and GTX 1070.

I would buy a PC with just a good APU and save the cost of buying a GPU. Put any extra budget into other things like monitors, graphics tablets, more RAM, faster storage.