Mystic Alien

Hi there, well this is something ive been working on for a while, i modelled it in a hurry because now im a bit busy, but i think its going in the right way… Im having some problems with the beard as you can see… it seems it emits light =S NEED ASISTANCE! lol… well and i also want to make volumetric clouds, if you have a good tutorial i would appreciate it.
Waiting for coments!!!


Well this is some progress i think, i added some texture to the alien, but still can´t fix the beard problem NEED HELP!!! ITS TOO SHINY


i think it looks really cool :slight_smile: but make sure your model is casting shadows. this should stop the glowing, because the hairs are extra-sensitive to SSS due to a lack of any thickness.

just a guess ^^


Thanks julz for the reply, i understand my mistake but, what exactly did you mean with “casting shadows”, im sorry but im from argentina and i do my best to understand:)