Mystic Night *UPDATE end of page 2*

Yeah, I was thinking this animation would look really cool as a meteor (shooting star) coming in at night. Change the color to orangy-red, have it coming in high-to-low, left-to-right, and add a tail/trail of glowing particles. Then maybe end it with a big “impact” glow from offstage-right… the speed/pacing is almost just right as is… would that be cool?[/quote]

Sounds to me like you’ve been inspired! go for it!

Good idea… I’ll try to do it tomorrow or on thursday.

B E A U T I F U L!

Thanks for all the comments.

Before i post the animation I need some help with a problem I have had with the shadows.
As you can see on this picture there is something ugly going on with the shadows.
Does anyone know a solution to this?
Just in case you haven’t noticed I am not using raytraced shadow because I needed volumetric lighting.

Since no one seems to know how to help me, I’ll just have to post the updated animation with some shadow problems.

you could use 2 lamps on for just a ray traced shadow (theres and shadow only button in the light menu) and on with volumetric lighting with no shadow (also in light buttons) i think … actually no you cant you cant have a halo without a shadow.

ok … long way

funny shadows are usually to do with the cliping settings on your lights,
set clip start as close as you can (this does effect the volumetrics tho) and set the clip end just past your scene as close as you can get without changing the render.

if that doesn’t sort out the shadows try setting the bias as low as possible without creating any artifacts (this works better after adjusting the clip settings) this will probably sort it out.

also you can rasie theshadow buffer size for better quality shadows.

there is also the halo step, soft and samples buttons but in this pic i dont really feel you’ll benifit from thouse buttons (samples is genrally for soft shadows but it will raise the quality of your shadows)

Very, very beautiful.

The shine and glow from the moon is nothing realistic. Nevertheless… Beautiful.
And I must say that I can’t really see any shadow problems (maybe 'cause it allready looks this good).